Toronto is the largest city in Canada, which makes it the center of the festival seasons. These festivals act as a recognition of some great work of the culture of the Canadian people. Some of the occasions are conducted in places such as Clarington, Brock, Oshawa, Pickering Whitby, HaltonHills, and Milton. The list of festivals is in different categories such as food festivals, regional festivals, religious festivals, and arts festivals. Each year, the city holds these festivals to help promote unity among the Torontonians and encourage tourism, which helps in the growth of the city and Canada as a whole. Below, are some of the top festivals that are helpful in Toronto.


Toronto International Film Festival

This festival is one of the largest firm achievements as it helps bring out the best movies and famous artists while encouraging and promoting the film industry. It is held across Toronto, Ontario and Markham fair grounds. This festive started in 1976 and is often celebrated between the 5th and 15th of September. It invites different directors, artists, influencers, and promoters. It gives an artist a chance to celebrate and showcase their skill while appreciating the audience. At least half a million people attend these festivals annually. It is also purposed to promote the film industry and showcase a transformed movie experience.

Toronto Fridge

Toronto Fringe is one of the great festivals that encourage the creativity of newcomer’s recognizable artists. This festival happens annually from July 3rd to 14th and includes almost 200 productions on different stages across the city.

Canadian National Exhibition

This festival takes place between 16th August and September 2nd. The local refers to it as an Ex as this comes just after summer when food exhibitions are done. Many people visit during this period to try a new recipe and enjoy even the traditional food of the people of Toronto. This brings people together as it involves a lot of games and epic rides. The artist gets a chance to entertain their fans and market their talents.

Taste of the Danforth

This festive is purposed to appreciate the Greek food. Here, vendors gather to treat the Toronto people to the finest Mediterranean cuisine in Danforth, Toronto. Some of the exhibition occurs in shows at Markham fair grounds, which gives the people enough room for the exhibitions. The activities are not limited to ages and people get to play interactive games too.


Luminato is not just a festival but an appreciation or art. Here, both artists and audiences from all over the world come to experience a showcase of talents and celebration. It gives the artist time to interact and exchange ideas among them and with their audiences. It involves dancing, music, and arts.

Door Opens Toronto

If you are interested in visiting most parts of Toronto and places that you always wished to enter and explore, this is right festive for you. It happens every 25th-26th May and allows you to enter in buildings you normally wouldn’t get a chance to. It gives everybody a chance to learn about the architectural and cultural history of Toronto.

Comic Arts Festival

The comic arts festival is a celebration to appreciate the creation of the comic. Artists from all over the world gather for the festival as it allows them to learn more about the comic art. People find it interesting as some can discover and polish the comic art. It happens between 9th-10th May.


The festivals above have played a vital role in the growth of talents and appreciating the upcoming artist. It has also encouraged diversity by bringing people from different countries together.

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